Parimatch Lucky Jet

Parimatch offers to play the popular slot machine Lucky Jet.

Game Features

Lucky Jet is one of the most popular games in the crash category. Its gameplay is based on linear flight mechanics. The results depend on a random number generator and you cannot influence them in any way. This creates a sense of excitement while eliminating any requirement for player experience and knowledge. You can place bets without having any skills.

At Lucky Jet on Parimatch, you only make two decisions:

  • What size the bet will be and how many you want to make them at one time;
  • At what point to collect your winnings.

You can change the size of the bet through the interface. This option will be available to you immediately after launching the slot machine. Betting limits are quite wide, so you can play even with a minimal budget. After confirming the bet, the plane will start flying. He will gain altitude, and in parallel will increase the coefficient of potential winnings.

You have to pick up the money on time. And for this you need to find the optimal moment. On the one hand, the size of the winnings should not be too small. On the other hand, if you wait for a long time, the airplane may crash and you will lose the bet.

Find out about the possibilities of playing Lucky Jet on Parimatch.


On the official site of Parimatch slot machine Lucky Jet is presented by the official provider – Gaming Corps. It is located on the servers of the provider, and we can not affect the characteristics of its work, change the level of return or volatility.

Lucky Jet has a fairly high RTP – 97%. Its volatility is average. This means that if you do not take big risks, you will be able to get winnings regularly, albeit of small size.

To start playing Lucky Jet on Parimatch, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Log in to your account on the official Parimatch website or mobile app;
  • Go to the casino, open the slot machine lobby and search for Lucky Jet. You can also use the search by name;
  • Choose a slot machine and launch it in demo mode or in the paid version;
  • Determine the bet size and number of bets. A total of two bets can be placed per round;
  • Wait for the game to start and try to manage to withdraw your money before the plane crashes.

All winnings are credited to your account balance instantly. You can leave the game at any time.

Learn the gameplay of Lucky Jet on Parimatch.

Slot Interface

Lucky Jet slot machine has an intuitive interface. After starting it, you will see the main screen. Most of it is occupied by a window with an airplane, and under it – buttons for quick bets and change their size. Here you can also confirm the bet.

Below the bet control panel there is the balance. Here you can see how much money you have left in your account. To the right of it you can see a scale with your last results and best wins.

We will show you what Lucky Jet looks like on Parimatch.

Versions of the Slot Machine

Lucky Jet slot machine on the official Parimatch website can be launched both from a personal computer and from a smartphone. Including through the mobile application for Android and iOS. It was developed using HTML5 technology, so its design and interface are adaptive. Once you launch Lucky Jet on your smartphone, it will automatically adjust to the screen size.

This game has two versions. The first one is a demo version. This is a free game mode with bets on conditional chips. It is available even without registration and deposit. But you can not get real winnings in it. The free version is created for familiarization with the gameplay.

The second version is the paid version. Here you will risk your money, but you will also get a chance to win.

Look for the Lucky Jet game in the slot section on Parimatch.


If you are looking for an interesting slot machine with non-standard gameplay – Lucky Jet will be a good choice. It is easy to learn, but at the same time has a high payout potential. Minuses he also has.

Unusual gameplayNot suitable for wagering bonuses
Low volatilityNo more than two bets are accepted per round
You can win up to x100 per bet
High RTP

At Parimatch you will have access to both the free mode and the paid version of Lucky Jet. You will find the slot machine in the quick games section.